THE JRB Company Story – 3rd Generation Roofers and Contractors

Joshua, Rodney and Bob are the names and the beginning of a 3 generation company (J.R.B. Enterprises, Inc). There local, family owned and with over 40 years in the business. Bob Ullstrom Sr. moved from Scottsbluff Nebraska to Denver after the Great Western Sugar Company had eliminated his job after 18 years of service. With his faith, wife, and family in tote he started working for Conklin Roofing a part of Rapid roof an acrylic latex roof coating. Bob’s son Rodney learned all he could in roofing and moved to Colorado Springs in 1995 to attend Andrew Womack Bible college where he met and married his wife Denise, where they had their first son Joshua. In attending college and working for a roofing company Rodney met a colleague and a big opportunity came his way to start a huge project for The Broadmoor Reserve Community, his expertise in tile roofing and his reputation got him several other very challenging projects. The greens at Kissing Camels, Patio Homes in Gleneagle, Flying Horse. Rodney has officially started J.R.B Enterprises, Inc and added to his family with a total of 5 active children .

The Ullstroms have dedicated their home in the community for a campaign to keep your kids off the streets and teach them about building race cars, and working with different styles of cars, tools and machinery, basically fast motors. They have perfected a track on their property and have filled their custom garage with different styles of cars, tools, and love. If the kids miss their curfew the parents always know where they can be found. They’re also active in their children’s sporting events, hooting and hollering at the football games and of course joining the crowds at the track in Calhan and other tracks in the region, participating in practicing their talents with other motor head fans. The biggest love they share is starting the Mile High Micro Sprints racing, racing at El Paso County raceway every other weekend in the summer. There are many aspects of running a successful race team outside of what you do on the track, it’s what you do off the track that draws the attention you need to help with your teams recognition throughout the sport.

When it comes to roofing or racing call J.R.B. Enterprises for any home improvements or racing schedules, we’re happy to help and make new friends on a roof and on a track.