Skylights Installation in Colorado Springs

A simple idea with exceptional benefits, skylights are windows located on the roof. Like typical windows, they invite in sunlight and allow you to catch sight of the great outdoors: blue skies, enchanting stars, wandering clouds, a majestic moon. They illuminate your home with natural light, they provide warmth on sunny days.

However, if you want to enjoy the numerous benefits of a skylight, you must be sure that it is installed correctly. That’s where JRB Enterprises comes in, we offer high-quality, beautiful VELUX skylights, and we install these skylights properly to prevent leaks.


Natural Light: Natural daylight creates a beautiful interior. It can also improve your mood, make a room feel larger, and eliminate the need for artificial light.

Energy Efficiency: Because natural light eliminates the need for electric lighting, you can reduce your energy consumption, saving money limiting your use of electricity. Plus, if you use products certified by Energy Star, you may qualify for tax advantages and credits.

Ventilation: If you choose a skylight that can be opened, it will provide ventilation. Warm air will drift up and out through the window, and fresh air will be welcomed inside.

Privacy: Skylights provide many of the same benefits as windows, but one unique advantage is privacy. Typically, skylights are positioned in such a way that neighbors and passersby cannot peek inside your home. For this reason, they are quite popular in bathrooms.

Views: A skylight provides a visual connection to your home’s exterior. Depending on the location of your home and the positioning of the skylight, you might be able to glimpse trees, mountains, skyscrapers, or other outdoor features through your skylight. And of course, you will be able to see clouds, rain, snow, and stars.

Velux Skylights

VELUX offers a variety of innovative skylight products and accessories, including modular skylights, roof windows that allow for emergency egress, and simply fixed skylights that can visually expand a space. These windows vary in function, style, and cost. To decide which skylight best fits your wants, your needs, and your home’s architecture, consult with our experts.

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