Gutter Installation in Colorado Springs

Forgoing gutters on your home can lead to both aesthetic and structural concerns. Instead of routing water through the gutter system, rainwater falls from the roof directly against the structure of the home. The buildup of this water runoff can cause unnecessary wear on the foundation, leading to cracks or leaks. Installing gutters can head off this concern before it begins by providing a way for water to flow safely away from the structure. With proper maintenance and care, gutters can last 20 to 30 years and are an excellent investment.

Rain Gutter Systems

Although there are several different types of gutters on the market, the most common gutter systems are made from aluminum since they are durable and can be installed without seams, which reduces the chance of developing leaks. The function of the gutter is simple. As the rain runs down the pitch of the roof, it collects inside the gutter, which routes the water to a downspout. Once the water enters the downspout, it reaches the ground and is directed away from the house.

The number of downspouts needed depends on the size and structure of your roof. A certified technician measures your home and gives you the recommended set-up of your gutter system. You have a choice of the color and type of gutter you prefer. Once all of the information has been recorded, you receive an estimate for the materials and installation services.

Gutter Installation

When handled by experienced professionals, installing rain gutters is a fast and seamless process. Some people attempt to install gutters without professional assistance, which can be tricky. Installation professionals measure and attach seamless gutters in a way that ensures there are no dips or waves in the gutter. If the product is not perfectly level, it can be difficult for the rain to drain toward the downspout properly. Multiple skilled technicians work together to make sure the water flow is correct, and the gutter is perfectly balanced.

If the new gutter system is replacing old, damaged, or worn-out gutters, the technicians carefully remove the old system to ensure your roof and other exterior structures are not damaged. After your new product has been attached and inspected, the technician or a member of the customer service team answers any questions about gutter maintenance and care.

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Image Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock